Take a look at the design sketch of the IITCZS permanent venue


Aerial View of the Venue

        The IITCZS permanent venue is located at the East Sand area of Zhu Jiajian, with a total investment of 800 million RMB Yuan. This project is aimed to construct a clustering conference site with multiple functions of meeting, working, communication, exhibition, catering, accommodation, leisure and amusement as a high-end, relaxing while cozy venue for IITZCS, which is conducive in enhancing the image of Zhoushan and also the influence as well as visibility of the city home and abroad.

Design Sketch of the Meeting Room 

        It is said that the project covers over 90 thousand square meters, with an overall floorage of 44 thousand square meters. A brand new international conference center and supplementary A building block will be put in place, together with 223 parking spaces and 148 guest rooms.


Other Areas

        The project is planned and laid out generally based on the integrated development target set by the municipal Party committee. By introducing the formality of clustering constructions, the center of the venue will be hidden in the surrounding seascape, embodying vivid local geographic features while creating a island holiday atmosphere; On the other hand, the supplementary A building block is composed of a series of courtyards, interweaving the nature and the constructions, presenting an ubiquitous relaxing vibe. According to the director of the project, “It has a vibrant, lively and succinct style, mingling the beauty of mountain and sea seamlessly, a perfect place for leisure and getting away.