Mayor Wen Nuan: Propel the tourism development of Zhoushan over the IITCZS



       Mr. Wen Nuan, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Working Committee of Zhoushan New Area, Deputy Secretary of Zhoushan Municipal Party Committee, and the City Mayor inspected the tourism development of Zhoushan in the morning of July 26th. He emphasized that as the tourism sector played a vital role in Zhoushans economy, it was essential to build the IITCZS into a signature, and to take such advantage to accelerate the advancement of All-for-one tourism, making Zhoushan an iconic tourist brand leading the pack of the whole Zhejiang province. City leaders Cai Hong and Cai Zhiwei etc also attended the field investigation.

        As the 2017 IITCZS was just less than two months away, Mayor Wen Nuan led the group to check the latest progress of the conference permanent venue and also the expanded expo site .The interior decoration of the permanent conference center is now underway, it is estimated that the whole project can be completed and put into service by the end of August. Meanwhile, a total number of 140 booths will be set up in the expanded expo site, which enables to take around 3000 visitors and is available for large scale conventions as well as exhibitions. All the expo constructions can be delivered at the end of August, composing the major expo site together with the architectural complex of Putuo Fitness Activity Center nearby.

        Later, a progress briefing meeting was hosted by Mayor Wen Nuan for the updating of the tourism development of Zhoushan as well as the preparation for the 2017 IITCZS. As Mr. Wen pointed out, pushing forward leapfrog tourism advancement bore significance in not merely current but long term development of Zhoushan New Area. Joint efforts shall be made and more emphasis shall be paid to the conference preparation in a bid to propel a new overall upgrading of the tourism sector through this event. The 2017 IITCZS should be a conference of international prospect, with a global reach following the Belt and Road initiative. More high profile guests shall be invited; more refined project implementation shall be carried out; more special image shall be built and more synergy shall be created. Only by accelerating the marketing operation of the conference, can we see an enduring vigor of the event.

        Mayor Wen stressed to drive the development of tourism at the advantage of the IITCZS. It is vital to find an orientation, giving more play to the overall planning as well as top-level design of one-for-all tourism while pushing ahead the execution of tourism projects, and therefore showcase the feature and strength of Zhoushan in the tourism sector of Zhejiang Province. More attention needs to be paid to some critical targets such as tourism business invitation, shaping tourist investment and financing platforms, integrating tourist transportation resource, boosting cruise economy, facilitating tourism brand marketing, service upgrading and market supervision. As for the system perspective, we should accelerate the pace to reform the tourism administration of all counties and districts, keep deepening the transformation of one-for-all tourism statistics gathering. In the meantime, staff of the tourism sections should also make self improvement and an excellent team capable of planning, marketing, executing need to be forged.