2017 National Beach (Island) Camping & the Sound of Ocean - Keep Happy Daishan Festival


        Yesterday morning, 2017 National Beach (Island) Camping & the Sound of Ocean - Keep Happy Daishan Festival was unveiled at Lulan Qinsha Beach, which attracted thousands of tourists from all over the country taking part in beach camping, offshore islands sports, and music carnival.

        2017 National Beach (Island) Camping & the Sound of Ocean - Keep Happy Daishan Festival include four major events: the Sound of Ocean Music Party, Island Triathlon, the Sound of Ocean – Keep Happy Music Festival, and Pay Tribute to the Sea, and ten supporting entertainment activities, such as campfire party and kite surfing etc, which show the island's unique customs, natural scenery, tourism culture and marine sports charm, and embodies the marine characteristics of seashore sports and beach leisure.

        Kite surfing is one of the most popular extreme sports in the world. Organizers invite Fujian Pingtan Kite Surfing Union to show the novelty and excitement of kite surfing sports. Several colorful kites fly into the sky, underneath the kite string are young men wearing beach shorts, and under the feet of the young men are surfboards with doodles. Surfboards are riding on the rolling waves with various movements. “They are real tide riders.” A tourist, Mr. Han is very much impressed.  

        The Sound of Ocean Music Festival brings a climax to the activities last night. Catwalk shows of Victoria's Secret models from the US unveil the art performance. Jay Chou's impersonator, Mr. Li Qiang, plays skillful nunchakus. A female singer, Murong Xiaoxiao, sings well-known songs such as Huangmei Opera and Love Trade, which makes the audience signing together.

        On the day, tourists also join other activities such as Watermelon Festival, Water Gun Fight, BBQ, Beer Festival, Campfire Carnival, and Beach Camping etc.