2017IITCZS Conference Program Event Descriptions and Important Information


    The International Islands Tourism Conference is an important endeavor taken by China’s tourism industry as it thoroughly carries out the national the Belt and Road strategy. The Conference serves as an important platform for China to strengthen people-to-people exchanges and build friendly ties with island and coastal countries. It is an avenue for sharing experience in island tourism development, upgrading the levels of international exchanges and cooperation and gaining greater say in the development of island tourism. In addition, Zhejiang Province will avail itself of this great opportunity to upgrade and restructure its tourism industry and to improve quality and efficiency in its efforts to become a major coastal province with a dynamic archipelago economy. What’s more, as Zhoushan enters a new era of development which features the establishment of New Area and the Free Trade Zone, the expansion of the airport and the construction of high-speed rail, the Conference will be vital in promoting island tourism investment and transaction and marine economy development. 
    2017 will see IITCZS carry on the mission of hosting a professional and shared conference with unique style and charm. Special attention will be given to innovation and effectiveness to ensure the Conference will allow the tourism industry to be a key driver for growth and for global reach. The Conference, as a brand, is going to be more international, market-oriented and professional than ever before. Our goal is to have Modest On-site Events and Extensive Mass Communication, and to have island tourism as an opportunity to kick start tourism promotion efforts in the region and further open up the region to the outside world. The Maritime Silk Road will help us enhance foreign cooperation, open up further and promote island tourism in Zhejiang and China. We will strive to be the “bridge head” of the Belt and Road initiative and build a platform for different countries and cultures to trust and respect one another, learn from each other and engage in mutually beneficial cooperation. 
    Thursday, September 21-Saturday, September 23, 2017
2. Place
    Zhoushan Archipelago, Zhejiang Province, China 
3. Conference Theme
    Island Vision: New Silk Road, New Opportunity, New Journey
4. Conference Slogan
    Meet with Zhoushan, Date with the World

5. Sponsors
    Sponsors: The China National Tourism Administration, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government
    Co-organizers: Tourism Bureau of Zhejiang Province, Zhoushan Municipal People’s Government
    Special Partners: China Association of Travel Services, Zhejiang Tourism Group, Alibaba Group
6. Participants
    (1)Delegates of international tourism organizations;
    (2)Delegates from the world’s major island nations and regions, and island destinations;
    (3)Countries, regions, and cities along the Belt and Road;
    (4)Government officials from China’s island and coastal cities and cities in Zhejiang Province;

    (5)Senior executives from cruise lines, airlines, yacht clubs, recreational vehicles campgrounds, hotel and resort groups, international travel companies, and travel-related e-commerce platforms;
    (6)Representatives from providers of travel services, financial institutions and tourism investment companies;
    (7)Experts and scholars from island tourism research institutes;
    (8)Journalists from Chinese and overseas mainstreammedia and professional travel media. 
 7. Main Activities
    (1) Welcome Banquet “We Meet on the Sea”
    Time: 18:30-21:00, September 21
    Venue: Grand Ballroom and Lawn, The Westin Zhujiajian Resort, Zhoushan
    Content: Welcome speeches by Zhoushan municipal government officials; the world’s famous islands scenery display; open air cocktail party; performances of traditional Chinese music and folk dancing.
    (2) Opening Ceremony
    Time: 9:00-9:45, September 22
    Venue: Grand Meeting Hall, IITCZS Permanent Venue
    Content: Keynote speeches by Zhejiang provincial government officials;speeches by China National Tourism Administration officials, delegates of international tourism organizations, officials from overseas island countries, and Alibaba representatives as well as famous scholars.
    (3) “the Belt and Road” International Islands Tourism Development Zhoushan Forum
    Time: 10:00-12:00, September 22
    Venue: Grand Meeting Hall, IITCZS Permanent Venue
    Theme: “the Belt and Road” and Islands Development andCooperation
Content: Keynote speeches by government officials from major island countries, regions, and cities
    (4) International Islands Tourism Expo
    Time: September 22-24
    Official Opening: 14:00, September 22
    Venue: Donggang Citizen Fitness Center in Putuo District
     Content: Opening Ceremony, government officials make an inspection tour of the expo, tourism products fair, Zhejiang (Zhoushan) Tourism Promotion Fair, Guest of Honor Tourism Promotion Fair, the launch of Island Travel with One Hundred Travel Agencies and One Thousand Package Tours.
    (5)Island Tourism Industry Development Forum
    Time: 15:30-18:00, September 22
    Venue: Grand Meeting Hall, IITCZS Permanent Venue
    Content: Representatives of tourist destinations, senior executives of travel companies, and tourism experts are invited to discuss island tourist industry development models and island tourism vacation products development.
    (6)Island Tourism Investment Forum
    Time: 15:30-18:00, September 22
    Venue: Grand Meeting Hall, IITCZS Permanent Venue
    Content: Representatives of tourist destinations, tourisminvestment companies and Chinese and overseas well-known travel companies are invited to discuss how to cooperate in tourism projects investment and tourist destination development.
    (7)Tourism Big Data Sharing Forum: Islands by the Numbers
    Time: 15:30-18:00, September 22
    Venue: Grand Meeting Hall, IITCZS Permanent Venue
    Content: Travel studies institutes, universities and Chinese and overseas large travel-related e-businesses are invited to share international island travel data.
    (8) Australia-Zhoushan Night Buffet
    Time: 18:30-20:00, September 22
    Venue: Grand Ballroom and Lawn, The Westin Zhujiajian Resort, Zhoushan
The Night takes place in the form of a buffet during which Australia, as Guest of Honor, showcases its tourism products, introduces China-Australia tourism resources and cooperation projects, and talks about tourism investment opportunities.
    (9)2017 International Islands Tourism Online Carnival
    Time: 00:00-24:00, September 22
    Form: Online activities 
     Content: Jointly launch an international island travelwebsite with China’s major online travel agencies; expand the reach of the International Islands Day as a brand; island tourism products promotional offers and flash sales are provided on designated websites and smartphone apps.
    (10)International Premium Island Tour
    Time: 9:00-14:00, September 23
    Place: Mount Putuo, Baisha Island
     Content: Guests are put into two groups to visit either Mount Putuo or Baisha Island.
    (11)Closing Ceremony and Joy Ocean Carnival
     Time: 17:00-17:20, September 23
     IITCZS Permanent Venue
     The Westin Zhujiajian Resort
      Content: Speeches by government officials; publish Zhoushan Agreement. After the Closing Ceremony, Joy Ocean Carnival is launched with a series of activities including Zhoushan Archipelago Travel Promotion Fair, Zhoushan Archipelago Gourmet Seafood Festival, and open air cocktail parties to continue the zeal for travel in Zhoushan.
 8. Other activities
    (1) “5.19” National Tourism Day World Island Preferential Tour Carnival
     Time: May 19
    Place: Kaihong Mall in Dinghai District
     Content: On the 19th of May, the National Tourism Day, issue the theme image of 2017 International Islands Tourism Conference, appoint the Conference’s civil publicity ambassadors, and cooperate with travel companies in and out of the city to launch islands preferential and quality tourist routes, led by the Travel Agency Branch of Zhoushan Municipal Tourism Association.
    (2) 100-Day Countdown
    Time: 9:00-11:00, June 13
    Place: Xincheng
    Content: Hold a variety of online and offline activities; launch Zhouzhou Shanshan Float Parade
    (3) Zhouzhou Shanshan Float Parade
    Time: June to September
    Place: Zhoushan
     Content: Conference mascots Zhouzhou and Shanshan lead campaigns in the counties, districts and function areas in Zhoushan to introduce Zhoushan’s sceneries and the city’s efforts in tourism promotion, make the Conference better known and engage with the public.
    (4) “Archipelago Goes Wild” Golden MonthTime: September 1-30
    Place: Zhoushan
     Content: Donghai Music Festival, Zhoushan Archipelago Gourmet Seafood Festival, International Cruise Ships Exhibition, National Beach (Island) Camping Party, National Cruise Ships Industry Development Discussion Meeting, Zhoushan Archipelago “Island Hopping” Tour, and Island Travel Writing Contest. Every pub, teahouse and café is going to offer their best services to travelers in this Golden Month when the whole archipelago goes wild.