Unveiling the Theme Image of 2017 International Islands Tourism Conference


     May 19 is the National Tourism Day. Sponsored by the Zhoushan Municipal Tourism Committee, and organized by the Zhoushan Newspaper Media Group, and the Travel Agency Branch of Zhoushan Municipal Tourism Association, 2017 National Tourism Day - World Islands Preferential Tour Carnival and the first Zhoushan Tourism Exhibition officially opened at Kaihong Mall in the Dinghai district.

    At the launching ceremony, deputy secretary general of Zhoushan Municipal People's Government, secretary of Party Leadership Group of Zhoushan Municipal Tourism Committee, and director of the Administrative Committee of Zhoushan Marine Tourism Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area, Mr. Zhou Kailong, and deputy secretary General of Zhoushan Municipal People's Government, Mr. Zhang Leiyong, unveiled the theme image of 2017 International Islands Tourism Conference together.



    Consisted of curves and colorful blocks, this spiral pattern has a sense of modernity and immediately captured the eyes of the amazed audience. Afterwards, Mrs. Cao Hong, director of Zhoushan Municipal Tourism Committee, explained the meaning of the theme image of 2017 International Islands Tourism Conference:

    The entire image logo is a pattern of fixation and freedom, with the flexible application of elements. With the basis of the main image are freely combined island tourism elements such as islands, marine creatures, marine landscape and marine tourism activities, allowing the image logo more flexibility, and showing the islands conference’s leisure atmosphere.

    The high and low curves in the logo are like ups and downs of the waves in the ocean, representing the Maritime Silk Road, linking with the cities along the route to drive great opening and development under the strategy of “the Belt and Road”, and promoting the interconnection, cooperation and sharing of international tourism. It not only points out the marine theme of the conference, but also highlights the theme of the conference: Island Vision: New Silk Road, New Opportunity, New Journey.

    Interspersed with the computer language 1 and 0 on the curves, it symbolizes that we have entered the era of the internet and big data, and new opportunities and development will be brought to tourism industry through the integration of new forms and formats.

    The overlay of the color blocks signify the conference’s communication and exchange mission. Different colors represent diversified international participants, and the overlay implies complete communication, exchange, and integration. Such close interweaving reflects the conference’s purpose: interconnection and sharing the islands development.

    The whole VI not only gives visual impact, but also has a sense of movement and extension. It presents dynamic aesthetic experience to people and has vitality and appeal.