2016 International Islands Tourism Conference Activities


    Islands tourism is the important growth pole for marine economy and the new blue sea for Zhejiang province even China’s tourism industry. Holding the tenet of exquisite, fashionable, professional and sharable, the 2016 International Islands Tourism Conference will strengthen internationalization, marketization, professionalization and branding, highlight interactivity and participation. It focuses on the perfection in terms of the scale, form, content and effect, establishes a platform for international islands tourism dialogue, communication and cooperation, improves the popularity and influence of Zhejiang Province even China’s tourism, promotes the overall upgrade of ocean and islands tourism industry and achieves the win-win and shared effect.



September 21-23,2016



Zhoushan Archipelago,Zhejiang Province,China



Interconnecting the Marine Silk Road, Sharing the Island Development — New Silk Road New Blue Sea



Sponsors: National Tourism Administration of China, People’s Government of Zhejiang Province

Undertakers: Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Administration, People’s Government of Zhoushan Municipality

Special Partner: Alibaba Group



1) delegates from international organizations: UNWTO, PATA, Vanilla Islands, AOSIS, etc.

2) delegates from countries and cities along One Belt and One Road, major island countries and regions, island tourism cities.

3) government officials from China’s domestic island and coastal cities and all municipal governments of Zhejiang Province.

4) delegates from cruise ship companies, resort hotel groups, international travel agencies, tourism e-commerce companies and tourism investment organizations.

5) experts and scholars from islands tourism research institutions.

6) journalists from both domestic and abroad media.


6. Main Activities

1) Opening Ceremony

Time: 09:00-10:00,September 22

Venue: Grand Ballroom in Westin Hotel

Content: speeches by the leaders from UNWTO, National Tourism Administration of China and People’s Government of Zhejiang Province. Speeches by the officials from overseas countries or cities. Ceremony of Sailing on the Silk Road.


2) International Islands Tourism Zhoushan Forum

Time: 10:15-12:00,September 22

Venue: Grand Ballroom in Westin Hotel

Theme: Interconnecting the Marine Silk Road, Sharing the Island Development - New Silk Road New Blue Sea

Content: keynote speech on the construction of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, boosting tourism interconnection and international cooperation on islands tourism by the officials from international tourism organizations, government officials from island countries and regions, international tourism business delegates, tourism experts and scholars. Issue the World Islands Tourism Development Report (2016).


3) Sub-forum 1: Mayors’ Round Table Forum

Time: 14:00-17:00, September 22

Venue: FIVE SEN5ES in Westin Hotel

Theme: International Islands Tourism: Open and Share

Content: mayors from the cities along the maritime silk road, mayors from the major island tourism cities in the world and mayors from the cities in Zhejiang Province will be invited to discuss the topics on the construction of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, islands cultural inheritance, islands tourism sustainble development, ocean ecological environment protection, etc.


4) Sub-forum 2: Islands Vacation Products Innovation

Time: 14:00-17:00, September 22

Venue: Grand Ballroom in Westin Hotel

Content: keynote speech on islands tourism investment and development mode, holiday resort management innovation, islands tourism vacation products development by tourism investors, senior managers from tourism companies and tourism research experts.


5) Sub-forum 3: New Media and Islands Tourism

Time: 14:30-17:00, September 22

Venue: Fuhai Room in Westin Hotel

Content: leaders from news media industry will be invited to discuss how to better use new media to popularize islands tourism brand and promote islands tourism development.


6) World Islands Tourism Investment Talks and Transactions Buffet

Time: 18:00-21:00, September 22

Venue: Grand Ballroom and Lawn of Westin Hotel

Content: have business talks over buffet and enjoy Chinese traditional culture shows (calligraphy, tea culture, Chinese musical instruments, fisherman painting, papercutting art show).


7) International Islands Tourism Online Carnival

Time: 00:00-24:00, September 22

Content: join hands with domestic OTA and local Tao Culture platforms to popularize the IITCZS brand. Take various forms to sell online tourism products on designated websites and publish the total transaction amounts and participant numbers at regular time.


8) International Islands Tourism Expo Opening Ceremony and Itinerant Exhibition

Time: 16:00-18:00, September 21

Venue: Donggang Citizen Fitness Center in Putuo District

Content: artistic performance, leaders’ address and itinerant exhibition.


9) Islands, Let’s Go International Carnival

Time: September 22-23

Venue: Donggang Citizen Fitness Center in Putuo District

Content: tourism businessmen will be invited to recommend and sell islands tourism products. Various activities will be held to attract citizens and tourists. Meanwhile,high-tech companies will be invited to present an islands tourism carnival including shows, promotions, entertainments and foods


10) Selected Islands visit

Time: 09:00-14:00,September 23

Venue: Mount Putuo or Daishan Island

Content: conference guests will be invited to visit Mount Putuo or Daishan Island according to their personal will.


11) Branch Venue Activities

① Branch Venue Activities in Dinghai District: Beautiful Village Outdoor Carnival

Time: September 23

Venue: Nandong Art Valley, Donghai Grand Canyon

Content: bicycle climbing race, outdoors cross-country challenge, ancient path hiking experience, countryside leisure activities.


② Branch Venue Activities in Putuo District: International Islands Tourism Expo

Time: September 21- 23

Venue: Donggang Citizen Fitness Center in Putuo District

Content: display the tourism products, culture products and tourism culture cooperations from the participating countries and cities on exhibition. Some of the delegates will be invited to recommend and exchange.


③ Branch Venue Activities in Daishan County: Zhoushan Fishing Culture Show

Time: September 23

Venue: Lulanqingsha Scenic Spot and Dongsha Ancient Town

Content: international kite game, seafood barbecue, visit Dongsha Ancient Town, experience intangible cultural heritage, taste the Thousand People Feast.


④ Branch Venue Activities in Shengsi County: First East Sea Gourmet Festival

Time: September 23

Venue: Shengsi seafood stalls

Content: two activities will be held: cooking skill contest and group buying feast. Professional chefs from famous local restaurants will compete together during the cooking skill contest. Group buying feast will attract the citizens and tourists to taste the delicious food by favorable prices.


12) Closing Ceremony and Day of Country of Honor

Time: 15:00-16:00, September 23

Venue: Donggang Citizen Fitness Center in Putuo District

Content: tourism recommendation and culture show of the country of honor, Zhoushan islands folk culture show, short filmfest awarding, world islands tourism research center awarding, leader’s speech.


7. Supporting Activities

1) Donghai Music Season

Time: May - October

Venue: Nansha Beach in Zhujiajian Island, Donggang in Putuo District, gym at Lincheng, and cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, etc.

Content: Donghai music theater - band tour show, Leipzig Quartet – public welfare class, city street music live, run to the east sea – rainbow run, watermelon music party, Donghai music festival.


2) I Am the Island Owner Online Appraisal

Time: June 1-August 31

Content: attract the netizens to post their travel tips and photos on the social media platform like microblog and wechat to cheer for their favorite islands. A public voting system will be launched by setting up a specific webpage or H5. The netizen who gets the highest record will be entitled the island owner and enjoy the island experience travel.


3) China Sea Mud Carnival

Time: June - September

Venue: Daishan County

Content: mud carnival, mud sports, mud cosmetology. Spread Zhoushan sea mud culture.


4) Follow Movies to Visit Islands - First Zhoushan International Islands Short Film Festival

Time: July 15- September 23

Content: collect the island short films from the world, discover the island culture and showcase the charming beauty of islands to the world. By online voting and professional selection, the winning films will be displayed during the buffet and expo.


5) Beautiful Zhejiang – Let’s tour the Zhejiang islands

Time: May – October

Content: organize Zhejiang’s major travel agencies and news media to have island tour visit by cruise ships. Setting out from Zhapu Port in Jiaxing City at north Zhejiang to the Cangnan Port in Wenzhou City at the south end of Zhejiang, the cruise ships will go through nearly 300 sea miles coastline, via the Huaniao Island, Gouqi-Shengshan Island, Dongji Island, Xiangshan, Dachen Island, Nanji Island.


6) Island Landscape Photography Exhibition

Time: September 21- 23

Venue: Donggang Citizen Fitness Center in Putuo District and Westin Hotel

Content:showcase the world islands photos


7) National Kites Championship

Time: early October

Venue: Daishan County

Content: 40 kite teams from China and overseas countries and regions will be invited to have team kite show, unique kite show, and kite making and flying training.