Exclusive interview: is Zhoushan ready for the InternationalIslandsTourism Conference?


Is Zhoushan ready for the upcoming 2015 International Islands Tourism Conference? Recently, our journalist interviewed Xu Aihua, director of Tourism Adminstration of Zhoushan, to follow the latest developments in preparations for the conference. Through the interview, it is learned that the preparation falls into seven key parts, namely, planning and organizing of the conference, inviting the guests, conference reception, supporting work, security, environmental improvement and publicity.

Which events have been held?

2015 International Islands Tourism Conference is made up of eight main events and eight supporting events, namely “ the 8 plus 8 model”, said Xu Aihua. Up to now, the supporting events like the East China Sea Music Festival and 2015 Seafood Festival of Zhoushan Islands New District have begun. Also, the Sand Sculpture Festival and the City Day is just around the corner.

Among the main events, the popular contests for “Chinese people’s favorite island tourism destination in the world” and “the East Sea Guesthouse (the most beautiful island homestay of Zhoushan Archipelago) “ have already been launched. The former attracted 3.85 million people to vote, producing 40 candidate islands; the latter has elected 24 guesthouses and 4 communities. In the earlier stage, this campaign involved 54 design teams which integrated designers and financing personnel. At last, 32 teams’ design works have been collected. Among them, half have got investment and other 10 teams have got investment intention.

What are the activities in the main venue and the parallel session respectively?

The main venue of the International Islands Tourism Conference is set at Zhujiajian Greentown Westin Resort Hotel, and the parallel session is in the Haizhongzhou International Hotel.

According to Xu Aihua, four activities are to be held in the main venue, namely, the opening ceremony, the World’s Island Tourism Forum and the world’s island tourism product monopoly and the closing ceremony. At the parallel session two activities will be carried out--- 2015China(international)Zhejiangmajor tourism project investment symposium and 2015 international tourism destination’s innovative development forum.  

How to successfully host the first International Island Tourism Conference?

Xu Aihua said, “exquisiteness, professionality, and memorableness is the overall goal of our city’s hosting of the first Island Tourism Conference.”

To be exquisite is to pay more attention to details (besides the scale); to be professional is to display our proficiency in tourism development; to be memorable is arrange the meeting in such a way that every participant finds it rewarding, to receive the guests in such a way that the enthusiasm of Zhoushan citizens are fully demonstrated, to improve the environment in such a way that all participants consider it pleasing.  

How about the invitation of guests?

Since March this year, we began to send invitations to the foreign guests. After several rounds of confirmation, 29 delegations from 25 countries are sure to attend the conference.

“As to the domestic guests, we have chosen 7 to 8 coastal cities, over 40 top travel agencies, some well-known experts and investors, etc.,” Xu Aihua said. Up to now, the invitation of foreign guests has been completed and that of domestic guests is still in progress  

How to receive the guests? How to ensure the success of the conference?

“Each Delegation, either at home or abroad, is to be received and contacted by one city department,” Xu Aihua said. Each representative at the meeting is to be appointed a contact person.

In addition, the relevant work in the main venue and the parallel session are also implemented smoothly, such as water supply, electricity supply, communications, accommodation, catering and transportation. Also, much work has been done to improve the environment, including maintenance of roads and landscape near the main venue and the market regulation of Dongsha and Nansha.

(source: www. Zhoushan.cn)