Dengbu Island


Encircled by Shenjiamen, Zhujiajian andTaohuaIsland, Dengbu is a beautiful island covering an area of 15 square kilometers. It is the only uncultivated land in Putuo district. With ever-green hills, ever-flowing water, blue sky and white clouds, it can be called “natural oxygen bar”. The island is endowed with rich tourism resources: the inspiring history of CPC construction (the bloody battle inDengbuIsland), the original appeal of fishing village, a wide variety of agricultural and fishery products, and unique “five-color industries”. It is not only an all-season orchard on the sea, but also a fertile marine meadow, more importantly, an ideal leisure resort on the sea. There are a variety of activities for visitors onDengbuIsland, including island leisure tourism, such as picking fruit, fishing on the river side, catching fish with cages, angling in reef area, etc.

[Accessibility]:DengbuIslandcan be reached by taking ferry either from Duntou wharf in Shenjiamen or fromTaohuaIslandandMayiIsland.

[Itinerary recommended]

A two-day tour of eco-agritainment inDengbuIsland

D1: enjoy the sight of the reef whose shape is like a cock’s crest and take photographs------observe the war relics park-----visit aquaculture industry characteristic of Dengbu------have lunch at farmyards ---- pay a visit to the 1000-mu waxberry base and pick waxberry there------appreciate secluded and beautiful scenery in the nature reserve of Xi’ao----- spend the night in fishermen’ s hotel.

D2: visit Dengbu’s mother river----DayongRiver, and enjoy its magnificent and elegant landscape, and go angling------experience the fun of picking and tasting melons in the golden melon base, return home fully loaded with melons picked by yourselves---- return