Jintang Island


JintangIsland, where lies the town of Jintang, is the fourth largest island in Zhoushan Archipelago. It covers an area of 82.4 square kilometers. Here the sea, the bridge, the island and hills comprise a picturesque landscape.

1. Ancient villages (in the style of Ming and Qing Dynasties) ofDapengIsland

Relatively isolated from the outside world,DapengIslandpreserved much primitive townscape. With 5 naturally formed villages, it boasts lots of ancient residential buildings, most of which are over 100 years old. The natural conditions on the island are superior, with lurid sunrise and mighty tides, with tranquil woods and a splendors cross-sea bridge, with age-old residential buildings and fishing villages as well as magnificent port industries and large boats.


Rising 456 meters above sea level,MountXianrenis the highest peak inJintangIsland, located within Xianju Community. Visitors can overlook five majestic cross-sea bridges on the mountaintop. One may well say “one mountain overlooks five bridges”. During Eastern Jin Dynasty, Xianweng Ge, Buddhist monk Chen, Xinlang Jin, preached and tried to make pills of immortality here. At present, with the concept of “the mount meeting the sea, man being an integral part of nature”, the scenic spot is realizing function of experiential tourism, incorporating culture, history, health maintenance and education. 


HuachengBuddhistTemple, located inJintangIsland, is one of the earliest temples open to the public. Built along the slope, the temple has a spectacular scale. On entering Jintang through Zhoushan cross-sea bridge, you can seeHuachengBuddhistTemplefrom a long distance, grandeur and towering. The temple is embraced on three sides by green hills, the peak of which lies the seven-storey stupa. Making the ascent of the stupa, you can hold a panoramic view of the majestic Xihoumen cable-stayed bridge of Zhoushan cross-sea Bridge, with bluish waves rippling below. When spring comes and flowers are in bloom, snow-white plum blossoms and the temple set each other off, making picturesque scenery. 


Exhibitionhall of Zhoushan Cross-seaBridgeis mainly composed of lobby area, exhibit area for the bridge’s scenery, credit & exhibit area ofXihoumengBridge, exhibit area ofJintangBridge, and exhibit area of construction honors. It is a platform integrating scientific education and technology exchange. If you want to enjoy the captivating sight ofXihoumengBridgeover the sea, you can go to Donghou service area. If you want to appreciate the beautiful scenery ofJintangBridge, you can go toMountGonghouinLigangTown.


[Accessibility]: EnteringJintangIslandthrough the span of Cen’gang Bridge of Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge, or take a coach from Dinghai or Zhenhai (Ningbo).

[Delicacy]: Jintang boasts seafood night stalls, which are located mainly in Liping community and Muao community. Dining at those night stalls, you can seeJintangBridgeandXihoumengBridge. Especially on the seawall in Muao community, you can get a panoramic view of the two bridges. However, the night stalls here are only open to the public in July and August.