Phonix Island


PhonixIslandis one of the islands to the south of Dinghai District. Legend has it that it was miraculously transformed from a phoenix. Embraced by the sea and hills, it is a rare natural sheltered harbor. With an area of 0.1 square kilometer, it boasts picturesque scenery and has become a specimen of the tourism development in uninhabited islands.


There is an exquisite five-star island resort hotel which integrates accommodation, catering, entertainment, conference, and holiday-taking together. The hotel is well equipped with seawater swimming pools, outdoor and offshore fishing places, a mountaintop leisure square,  outdoor barbeque places, KTV, chess and cards rooms, a tennis court, a golf course, a  SPA and so on. Such diversified facilities for bodybuilding and entertainment enable tourists to embrace the sea and enjoy leisure time to their hearts’ content, and in so doing free them from sophisticated city life.

Accessibility: drive fromChangzhou Avenuein Dinghai to Wenhua Road, turn right and drive southwards alongWenhua Road, then turn left and drive eastwards alongFangzhichang Road. On arriving at NO.120 dock, you can go to Phonix Island Resort Hotel by yacht.

Accommodation: you may lodge atPhonixIslandResortHotel----the exquisite five-star island resort hotel.

Itinerary recommended :

       Island holiday-taking: a two-day trip of Phoenix Island and Main Island Dinghai.

D1: take yacht at South Wing Yacht Dock to travel around marvelous islands to the south--- check in at Phoenix Island Resort Hotel and have a big seafood buffet for lunch--- take the sailing boat named “Green Eyebrow” to experience crab catching in the afternoon--- go back to the seashore to have a distinctive barbecue---- lodge at the Phonix Island Resort Hotel in the evening

·         D2: have a tour around the East Sea Grand Canyon Scenic Spot, take a sideway ride and observe folk custom---go to Cezi Island to feast on a variety of dishes of Miichthys miiuy--- in the afternoon, visit the Moon Bay Scenic Spot of Cezi Island and the Cross-sea Bridge to appreciate the oceanic ecolandscape---return