WuzhishanIslands, one of the three biggest bird sanctuaries inChina, are the only provincial-level seabird sanctuary inZhejiangprovince. This area, nicknamed “BirdIslands” by local residents, has turned out to be an important breeding place of wetland waterbirds off the coast ofZhejiangand has been listed intoChina’s most significant bird sanctuaries. 

      WuzhishanIslands are made up of seven islands of different shapes, namely DawuzhiIsland, XiaowuzhiIsland, LongdongshanIsland, MantoushanIsland, YaqueshanIsland, WumaoshanIsland, andLaoshushanIsland. Among them, LongdongshanIsland, MantoushanIsland and YaqueshanIsland attract thousands of waterbirds to perch and breed. It is proved that up to 42 species of waterbirds ( with a total number of more than 10000) perch and breed there every year, among which are 19 species of summer migrant, 17 winter migrant and 6 resident.WuzhishanIslands’ Bird Sanctuary plays a prominent role in protecting wetland waterbirds.

     Accessibility: take boat at Dinghai Civil Dock to get toWuzhishanIslands.