Mayi Island


Located in the southeast ofZhoushanIslands,MayiIslandis a town and is separated fromTaohuaIsland(famous for the related martial arts works of Jin Yong) by a port. It is 6.5 nautical miles away from the oriental fishery Shenjiamen Fishery. Consisting of 4 islands and occupying a land area of 2.84 square meters,MayiIslandTownis organized in the system of one town one community(village) with 5 economic cooperatives. Back in the 1950s and 1960s,MayiIslandTownwas once the leading fishery town among the nation’s ports and was awarded the certificate National Socialist Rural Construction Advanced Unit signed by the late premier Zhou Enlai and issued by the State Council. The first people’s commune came into being here. With hard work and entrepreneurship,MayiIslandTownwas famous in the whole country and possessed special historic value at that special historical period. Now the site of the people’s commune is well preserved and enjoys profound cultural connotation. For many years,MayiIslandhas been engaging in construction of an ecotourism island with forest coverage rate reaching 46.4% and green area taking up 60%. Flowers and plants in the courtyards on the island amount to 300 kinds. Embracing clear and fresh air and clean and neat environment, the island is a real green island. Afforestation is only a part of eco-construction on the island. The year before last yearMayiIslandtook the lead in making plans on construction of an eco-town and aimed to build the island into a beautiful homeland which enjoyed relatively advanced eco-economy and was in a virtuous cycle. Main tourist sites include the Site of People’s Commune, Entrepreneur Memorial, Sanba Seawall,ShijihongPark,Wenming Road,DashaaoBeachand so on. Many fisherman’s houses are open to visitors.

Accessibility: take cruise from Duntou Cruise Terminal in Shenjiamen.