Shengshan Island


       Shengshan, also called Jinshan, is the gateway of the end of the world and hometown of the sun in local peoples words.ShengshanIslandis the eastenmost inhabitedislandofChina, in which you can enjoy excellent scenery of blue sea and hanging cliff, and a variety of delicious seafood. It is also a state-class fishing port with a history over a hundred years.

There are two scenic spots you cant miss here, one is the East Cliff, the other is lights on fishing boats in Shengshan fishing port.

Sunrise on the East Cliff

The East Cliff is an ideal place to enjoy sunrise on the sea. The East Cliff is a 1000-meter long coastline on the east side ofShengshanIsland. Rising from the sea, it looks like blade of knife and ax; its average height is about 60-70 meters, and the summit is over 80 meters. Standing on the top of the East Cliff, you might be thrilled by the roaring waves beneath your feet; overlooking the endless vast sea, you would be fasinated by the scattered fishing boats. Besides naked stones and pervasive wild flowers, dozens of houses in different styles are standing on the hills, covered by green creepers, seeming like green castles.

Lights on Fishing Boats inShengshanFishingPort

Shengshan FishingPortis a first state-class fishing port, and is praised as fish storehouse ofEast China Sea because of the abundant marine food product. In Autumn, the busy catching season, thousands of fishing boats from a dozen coastal provinces and hundreds of thousands of fishermen come to Shengshan. At that time, forrests of masts are moving on the sea, buntings of boats almost cover the sky. A lot of boats from the North and the South are competing fiercely for the fish, among which there are colorful Dayang boats, white duck boats with white deck and mast, small pair boats with sharp bow, chilled and frozen fish boats with high slipway, Wenling boats engraved with dragon and phonix pattern, big fishing vessels with shining lights, etc. Here becomes a noisy world of boats, an exciting sea of fish. In the evening, blazing lights are shining brightly both in boats and on the bank, colorful lights on fishing boats mingle with sparkling starry sky and milkway.


Shengshan Islandis divided fromGouqiIslandby the sea, and there are many ferries conneting the two sides. Passengers can take direct ships from XiaocaiyuanwharfofCaiyuantown to Shengshan. The major means of transportation on the island is 6-to-7-seat minibuses, and the chartered fee is about 50 to 20 yuan (go and return).


Tourists can choose local fisherman famliy hotels.


There is abudant and fresh seafood here. Tourists can buy some freshly catched marine food products and have them cooked in the hotel.

Recommended Route:

Island traveling, two-day trips in Shengshan and Gouqi :

Day 1: Tourists go to Gouqi Island by ship; firstly, enjoy Shanhai Qiguan and thousands mu of mussel breeding farm; and then swim and surf near Dawang Beach; finally live in fisherman famliy hotel and enjoy delicious seafood and slow, leisure life off the island.

Day 2: Get up early and watch sunrise on the sea on the East Cliff; explore beautiful islands and experience unique island customs; catch fish and crabs by fishing boat, living one day as a fisherman; visit fishing wharf and fishing market and buy fresh marine food products; finish the trip and return.