Huaniao Island


In shape of a wings-stretching seagull who’s about to fly, Huaniao(meaning flower and bird) Island, gaining its name from the numerous flowers and elegant plants, is the northernmost one of Shengsi islands. There are many beautiful scenic spots such as TigerCave, MonkeyCave and CloudCave, which is said to be as deep as the bottom of the sea. Being close to the sea, the East Cliff is an ideal place to watch forceful waves and listen to the strong wind. Mussels and groupers can be found in the cracks of rocks along the island. And it is also an ideal place to climb moutains, go camping and fish. 236.9 meters in height, the summit of this island is Qiankeng Top, which is also the highest peak of Shengsi islands. Due to its broad view, people can view most of the main island of Zhoushan and sea area nearby.

Located in the northwest of HuaniaoIsland, Huaniao Lighthouse is firstly built in 1870 by the English, and is considered as one of three guarding lighthouses at Yangtze Estuary, the largest lighthouse of the Far East, the second largest lighthouse of Asia and “lighthouse of the world’s historic relics” at the same time. When night falls, xenon spotlight on the top of the lighthouse rotates one circle every minute and gives off strong light which can cover 22 sea miles. Half of the island is shined by the strong beams of light, seems like in the daytime. If the visibility is very poor because of thick fog and haze, the highpower foghorn inside the lighthouse would whistle in loud sound which can cover over sea miles, warning ships passing by.

At present, personalized trip routes has been designed, every tourist can choose different means of transportation, accommodation and food according to their own preference. You can book ship tickets, hotel rooms, scenic spot tickets and dinners on line. You just need to confirm and finish the payment according to the orders automatically gererated on line.


Tourists who have ordered personalized trip set of HuaniaoIsland can take special passenger ships from ShenjiawanWharf directly to HuaniaoIsland, which set off at 10 am. Everyday. Other tourists can get to SijiaoIsland firstly, and take passenger ships at XiaocaiyuanWharf. There are only two ship liners in regular time, setting off at 7:30 a.m. and 12:50 a.m., but there would be some extra ships in tourist rush season.


On the island , 13 fishing style fisherman family hotels and two blue and white Mediterranean style famliy hotels could be ordered for peersonalized trip. There is a “butler” for every two hotels, in charge of the food, accomodation, route and travel of the tourists. In addition, some distinctive private family hotels such as “Love Coordinates” are also available.

Recommended Route:

Supremacy Personalized Route Two-day Trip on HuaniaoIsland:

Day 1: Tourists visit primitive ecological fishing village on Huaniao Island; rent a boat and travel around the island to see the nearby small islands and big reefs; Climb foodstones to watch beautiful scenery of the island; appreciate the South bay port in sunset; visit the romantic Huaniao lighthouse in the evening; check in at fisherman family hotel at night.

Day 2: Get up early and watch sunrise, overlooking beautiful scenery of Huaniao island; take part in projects of fisherman’s family tourism and experience personal practise of fishing; taste delicious seafood dinner; return.