Huanglong Island


Huanglong village, Stone Village of East China Sea, is about 15 minutes boat ride away fromShengsiIsland. The well-arranged and magnificent stone houses, as well as stone roads and stone walls, win this village the name of Stone Village of East China Sea. The stones of the houses is made of bright and hard local granite. The stone houses scatter on fluctuant hills and are like stone castles on the sea. Extremely hard and fortitude, the houses shelter local fishermen from wind, storm and burning sun. Being the best stone house scenery in Zhoushan, stone houses of Huanlong have long got a reputation outside Zhoushan and attracted many artists. Some art academies ofBeijingandShanghaihave set up painting bases here, and a lot of teachers and students come to the island and paint pictures of stone houses. The most famous thing on the island is Yuanbao Stone on top of the mountain. Its said that the stone shakes when it winds or people push it, and a piece of string can pass through the underneath of the stone. This stone, however, cant be pulled by a crane, thus becomes a precious stone of Huanglong island.


Tourists can get there by ship from Xiaocaiyuan Wharf of SijiaoIsland, Shengsi.