Xiazhi Island


Separated to the north by the Xiazhimen Waterway fromTaohuaIsland,XiazhiIslandis located in the southeast ofZhoushan Islands,ZhejiangProvince. It is named this because the island shapes like a “Xia”(meaning shrimp). Back in the Dade Period(1297-1307) of the Yuan Dynasty,Changguo Prefecture Atlasrecorded the clearing of “Xiazhi”. Land area of the island is 17.01 square kilometers, the peak Jiao’ao Mountain is 207 meters above sea level and the coastline is57.02 kmlong. With a long and narrow shrimp shape, the island takes the northwest to southeast direction. The coastline is winding and dotted with capes and bays, whose narrow, deep wedged shape make them good anchor harbors.XiazhiIslandis famous for its rare and precious flowers, especially wild flowers such as daffodils, boxwoods, rhododendrons and the traditional Chinese medicineasparagus cochinchinensis. There are several excellent ports around the island. TheTaohuaPort, located in the northeast, allows easy access of 150,000-ton ships. TheHenicaoPort, located in the east, offers good berth with due to deep water and small waves. TheXiaPortallows easily access and anchor of various fishing boats. Sea areas aroundXiazhiIslandabound in various sea products, for example, large yellow croakers, little yellow croakers, hairtails, cuttlefish, Chinese herrings, shrimps,Bombayducks, prawns, sea weed, razor clams and so on.

Accessibility:Tickets are available at Duntou Cruise Terminal in Shenjiamen three tmes a day. Extra tickets are available on holidays and festivals.