The island is located within the tourism golden triangle of Putuo, Zhoushan, facingMountPutuoacross the sea. It is blessed with yearlong pleasant climate, simple and hospitable fishermen, blue sky and water, bizarre hills and stones, and many other beauties. It is an ideal place for leisure and sea fishing, entitled one of the first sea fishing bases by Zhoushan Municipal Government. The island not only is endowed with a natural professional sea fishing area, but also has built   leisure fishing spots suitable for the majority of visitors. Besides, riding in a large archaized fishing boat, hauling nets, catching fish and other fishermen's activities have also attracted a large number of tourists to the island.


At the east of the Baishan Island, there is a sun observation platform, where you not only can watch the scene of the first sunlight penetrating the sea, but also can enjoy the glamor of the boundless sea, and on fine days even can see the soldiers’ "second home" –the Dongfu Mountain, 17 miles away to the east of Bashan Island.


It takes more than half an hour to have a sightseeing around the BaishaIslandon an electromobile. On the midway you can enjoy charms and beauties of fishing villages, the islands, the sea, and the fishermen’s houses on theCaishanIslandwhich are arranged like thePotalaPalace. In the southeastern tip of the island there is a small scenic spot called “listening-to-the –tide structure” where you can take a whole view of the well-known Yang’an Fishing Ground. There is also a small lovers’ beach on the island which is a good place for couples and lovers to play. TheJileTemple, the only temple on the island where Guanyin (Avalokitesvara) wrotetheDharma lessons, allures Buddhist pilgrims to come unceasingly throughout the year.


[Traffic]: There are regular boats respectively from Baishan Dock in Wushitang, Zhujiajian, and Wugongshi Terminal, Zhujiajian to the BaishaIsland. It takes only half an hour to tour round the island on a sightseeing electromobile jokingly dubbed “Ferrari on the sea".


[Accommodation]: On the island, there is a moderate sea fishing club which arranges board andlodging in zero distance from the sea. There are also neat and clean fishermen's inns where you can feel the vitality of the fishing village by "eating fish dishes, living in fishermen's houses, doing fishermen’s chores, listening to fishermen's stories, enjoying fishermen's pleasures”. You can also choose to live in featured "island B & B", or rent a tent camping.


[Food]:A wide variety of aquatic products can be found on the island like spiral shells and salted dried fish regarded as seafood treasures in Zhoushan,


[Itineraries Recommended]:

Dynamic and Intimate Contact with Sea  Zhujiajie + BaishaIslandTwo-Day Tour

D1:Zhujiajian:enjoy the Daqingshan island landscape -- visit the Buddhist Academy of China and taste vegetarian food--see sand sculpture or DIY and experience sports and leisure activities in the Nansha Scenic Spot at noon--seek for “love” stones at Whushitang (black cobblestone beach), take the archaized boat out to sea for sightseeing-- watch the island sunset clouds at Shaojiwan Fishing Village – --dine at Adege Fishermen’s Restaurant to relish acrab feast--see the performance of “Putuo Impression” at night—stay overnight at Zhujiajian fishermen’s B & B or resort hotels.


 D2: Baisha Island: tour the island, enjoying the charms of the fishing village -- visit the sea fishing club and learn the techniques of sea fishing --sail a boat out for sea fishing and sense euphoria at harvest – feast on seafood--return to Zhujiajian.