Xiushan, made up of 35 islands covering only 24 square kilometers is blessed with abundant natural and ecological resources, where you can breathe in the most fresh and clear air, or explore wetlands, reefs and rocks rarely seen anywhere else in the world.

1.  XiushanSeaMudTheme Park

The park was built at the NW of the island, where miles of shallows meet the wetland preserve. Here you are a kid again, back to the Earth Mama's, digging shells and chasing crabs, fish and shrimps here and there. Feeling like more kids' fun? Pamper yourself with a mud play, on a sailing boat, in a bucket, up a cliff! You can even win a trophy in a competition. All so muddy and free! Or if you are expecting some peace and quiet, what about a mud bath, a mud therapy, or a fishing afternoon? Now look at you! How amazingly happier and slimmer!


The park, one of the proud five bases of the city and located at the east beach, is attracting sea fishing fans home and abroad. Do not, however, waste too much of your time walking along the soft golden sands, your eyes captured by the sea of deep blue, your imagination wild at the reefs and rocks in a thousand and one shapes. Do remember you are here for an exciting harvest. Sit and hush, waiting to scream with thrill at a silvery butterfish pulled out of water. More surprise to come though, for the area boasts abundant stock: eels, garrupas, tiger fish, long-finned herrings and a hundred or more kinds of fishes, joined by over twenty kinds of shrimps and crabs. You will never know what's next. 

Can't wait any longer? Pack up for a worry-free trip right now! The park facilities can serve all your needs: a spacious parking lot, fishing equipment for lease, and nearby are numerous fishermen's hostels for cozy nights and Grandma-cooked seafood.

How to get here:

Dinghai (Sanjiang dock) to Xiushan by ferry or speed boat.

Daishan to Xiushan (Hai'ao dock), with shuttles taking you to all scenic spots

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