Shenjiamen, situated at the Southeast of Zhoushan Island, is world-famous as one of the world's three largest natural fishing ports (the other two beingBergeninNorwayandCallaoinPeru). AsChina's top supplier, Shenjiamen is home to 1/2 of the country's sea fish products and 1/10 of its seafood products.

However, visitors to Shenjiamen surely can expect far more than a fascinating feast of seafood. Do come at the prime fishing season to witness the spectacular parade of tens of thousands of boats lining up offshore for miles, all geared up for an ambitious harvest!

The Wharf at Night

Pick a fine night late summer or early autumn, and take a heartfree walk along the wharf lit up by a sea of fishermen's lamps, the illuminated island across shining in the waters, all so dreamy! As if you were bathing in the Milky Way, your worldly existence drifting away.  

Shen's Park

Shen's Park, located by the Lotus Sea of Mt. Putuo, is dedicated to the friendship betweenChinaandSouth Korea.

 Back in ancient China's Jin Dynasty (265-420 A.D.), Yuan Hungchuang (Shen Tsing), daughter of an eighth- rank-secondary official in Gokseong County, South Jeolla Province in Baekjae (an ancient kingdom in South Korea), was bought to be wife from Monk Hsingkung of Hungfa Temple for two vessels of valuable goods by the wealthy businessman Lord Shen from east Zhejiang province, China. After marriage , Yuan Hungchuang moved with Lord Shen back to his hometown Shenjiamen where she was renamed Shen Tsing and lived in happiness, yet missing her blind father really much. Thus she sent 570 Kwan-yin statues back to Baekjae, praying for restored eyesight to her father. Her act of filial piety has been passed down and admired for centuries ever since. So the park was built in honor of Shen Tsing and her virtue.

How to get here:

Via Zhoushan Trans-Ocean Bridge by land orNingbo(Baifeng Dock) to Zhoushan (Yadanshan Dock) by ferry. No. 329 State highway will take you straight to Shenjiamen.


As the gateway to Mount. Putuo, Shenjiamen is the happy and hospitable host to you and all your family. Diving into the town, a modest guesthouse or a youth hostel is always around the corner. But do plan well and secure a cozy room in advance in prime tourist season!

Dine and Drink:

Get ready for a dig-in? Shenjiamen is your Town Right for the world's best seafood. Sit back relaxed in a fancy restaurant where what you've ordered puts shame to most sophisticated culinary art, or just stop by any of the numerous street eateries and chat with your friends over a yummy bowl of seafood noodles.

Or you can linger over the night seafood stalls, everything served super fresh to please the most choosy tongue. Take a sip, the breeze cooling down your rosy cheek and stirring your tender heart.