Qushan Island


QushanIsland, which is another fairyland at sea, lies betweenDaishanIslandandShenxiIslands. It is the second biggest island inDaishanCounty, which covers a land area of 72.1 square kilometers and is surrounded by 79 isles and 89 reefs. The shape of the island is like a strip with 16.8 kilometers in length and 6.3 kilometers in width. Its land area is as large as that ofHong Kong. Being only 12 nautical miles fromShanghai,QushanIslandis the second closest commercial island toShanghaifrom Zhoushan Archipelago. After the completion ofEast China SeaBridgein 2005,QushanIslandbecame a part of two-hour economic circle ofShanghaiMunicipalityand now is the closest island toShanghaifrom Zhoushan Archipelago.QushanIslandis 27 nautical miles fromDaishanIsland, 34 nautical miles from Sanjiangkou, Dinghai District and 44 nautical miles from Zhenghai District,NingboCity. The yachts are available between those ports and harbors mentioned. 

With a long history, beautiful scenery and rich resources,QushanIslandhas been a place of creative minds and gifted talents. ThepeakofGuanyinHill is the highest inDaishanIsland, where Buddhist temple is built. Legend has it that Guanyin Bodhisattva once came here to find bodhimandala. Lucky tourists can still see awesome spectacle of Guanyin Mounting the Mist. The cultural relics of the Neolithic Age have been unearthed in Sunjiashan and Gebashan, which means people already lived on these remote islands as early as five thousand years ago. The economy ofQushanIslandwas very prosperous during Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty. During Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, the residents on the island were still enjoying a fairly comfortable life although marine ban was enforced at that time and marine economy characterized by salt and fish trade was very thriving. Religious culture has been extremely prosperous inQushanIsland. According to records,PenglaiTemple, the earliest sacred place of Buddhism in Zhoushan Archipelago, was built inQushanIsland, which was renamed asZuyingTemplein1065 inQing Dynasty. Guanyin Hill is the second sacred place of Buddhism afterMountPutuo. Also, the earliest Christian organization of Zhoushan Archipelago appeared inQushanIsland.

[Transportaion]: There are sailings from Gaoting Town of Daishan Island, as well asSanjiangWharf, toQushanIsland.