Gouqi Island


        Gaining its name from medlars(sounds like Gouqi in Chinese) all over the mountains,GouqiIsland, which is located in the east ofShengsiCounty, is the hometown of mussels ofChina. Breeding mussels has become one of the major production of local fishermen. Surrounded by fresh air, clean sky and blue sea, this island enjoys beautiful and comfortable environment. With floating buoys flickering silvery light under the sunshine, and fishering boats shuttling among glittering waves,GouqiIslandis in a beautiful picture of vast pasture on the sea, thus becomes an ideal dreamland of many photographers.

There are a lot of beautiful and extraordinary stones onGouqiIsland, such as Dragon over the Sea, Tiger Stone, Southern Cliff, etc. It is very suitable to go camping on the island because of the transparent water near the beach, gentle slope and mild waves. The sea and beach is in the best condition for swimming and playing from May to September. In the evening, people could go to the beach to light Kongming Laterns or play games around a bonfire.

Shanhai Qiguan (Wonderful Views between Mountain and Sea)

As the first-class scenic spot, Shaihaiqiguan Stele is on the top of Xigang Mound of Southern Gouqi Village. With a height of 9 meters and a width of 7.3 meters, the gaint stele stands loftily to the sky, engraved with four huge and powerful calligraphic characters “Shan Hai Qi Guan” (meaning marvellous spectacle among mountains and the sea) which has a history of 400 years. When Hou Jigao, the commander-in-chief governor of Zhejjiang, climbed the mountains in 1590, he was deeply intoxicated by the green hills, the misty reefs, and the foaming waves of the island. Enjoying the extraordinary scenery in which the sea melted into the sky, he wrote down these four words with great pleasure.

Standing in front of the stele and looking as far as the eye can see, you can enjoy the full view of the blue sea and sky, the pasture on the sea, and the golden sandbeach. A lot of small islands, rocks and reefs scatter between the sea and the sky, all surrounded by floating cloud and mist, forming a picture of wonderland.


Tourists could take direct ships (vehicle and passenger ferries) from Shenjiawan wharf toGouqiIsland, or take ships from Caiyuan Town of Shengsi toGouqiIsland, everyday there are two shipping shifts, a slow ship and a speed one. They can also take direct ships fromBanshengdongWharfin Shenjiamen.


Seafood onGouqiIslandis cheap and abundant, tourists can buy some raw food and have them cooked in the hotel. But there are only two periods of opening time of the farmers market, in the morning and in the afternoon, and seafood in the afternoon is much less than that in the morning. Eating in food stalls is a good choice because of reasonable price.

Recommended Route:

Tourists could enjoy sea scenery onDawangBeach, watch sunrise and sunset in Xiaxitian, listen to the sound of sea waves in Shanhaiqiguan or enjoy delicious seafood in fisherman’s restaurants.