The beautiful Shengsi Islands are the only state-level island scenic spot in China. It is a northernmost county of Zhoushan Archipelago, at the eastern tip of Zhejiang Province, facing the Pacific Ocean with its back against the Yangtze River Delta. It is connected to the Shanghai Pudong New Area via the Donghai Bridge.

As an important part of the Zhoushan Archipelago New Area, it currently has proposed the concepts of “remote islands · micro town · slow life”, on the basis of its unique geographical advantage and resource characteristics. It is trying to elevate its overall soft power, aiming to build itself into a delightful “beautiful island” suitable for inhabitation, tourism and other businesses.

Remote islands: islands far away from the mainland. Coming to the Shengsi Islands, you can savor delicious seafood, indulging yourself in a fresh, tranquil and relaxing environment offered by the blue sky and sea, sandy beaches, green islands, golden sand, and sea waves. The islands are a perfect place for tourists to see the broad sea, listen to the sound of ebb and flow, observe reefs in various shapes, and watch clouds scud across the sky. 

Micro town: a town with population ranging from 10,000 and 100,000. The Shengsi Islands comprise nearly 400 ones scattering like pearls over 8738 square kilometers in the blue East China Sea, and like rough diamonds in the Zhoushan Archipelago.16 of them are inhabited, and each one is a micro town.

Slow life: a better living style pursued by people after satisfaction of the basic living needs. Slow down, return to the rhythm of the nature, love life, and enjoy life. On the Shengsi Islands, you can enjoy fresh air, bright sunshine and sea scenery, play with water, eat seafood, go angling, experience simple fishermen folklore and unique islanders’ family customs, and take back home some pollution-free delicious seafood. What you see is all beautiful; what you feel is all comfortable, which should be the “slow life” desired by city dwellers after hustle and bustle. 

[Traffic]:Shengsi is accessed by non-locals mainly from Shanghai,Ningboand Zhoushan. The mainlandofShengsi—SijiaoIslandis the pivot of inter-island transportation. Tourists can take a boat at the Shenjiawan Dock, Xiaoyanshan to the Lizhushan Dock, Shengsi.


[Accommodation]:Shengsi boasts a simple folkway. The accommodation on the island is mainly concentrated in CaiyuanTown, near theJhuBeachandDonghaiFishingVillage. Fishermen’s family hotels are recommended, for they are in the vicinity of beaches and attractions, and their owners are ready to offer money-saving information if asked. The off-season price is about RMB 100 to RMB 120, while in-season and weekend price is higher. It is best to call ahead to reserve a room.


[Food]:Be sure to eat more seafood, if you come to Shengsi. You can not only eat your fill atnight seafood stallsin the two fishing ports-- Caiyuan and Jinpin, but also buy the seafood back to the hotel for your own cooking. You can go to the marketplace in CaiyuanTownto buy seafood, preferably accompanied by the hotel boss and have it cooked by the hotel with the processing charges RMB 10 to RMB 20 per person.


[Itineraries Recommended]:

DeepSeaLeisure Shengsi Three-Day Tour:

D1: Shengsi main island: take a boat to Shengsi main island -- walk at the Jihu Beach, play with sand and fly a kite-- tour the Heshangtao Blue CoastLeisure Belt, take a view of coastal landscape and steep cliff—feast on seafood at night stalls-- experience nightlife at the island bar after meal—stay overnight at Jihu Beach wooden houses or fishermen’s homes.  


D2: Gouqi, Shengshan: take a boat to the beautiful island, the Gouqi Island—explore its beauty and enjoy its charm -- visit a 10,000 mu mussel farm, a spectacular sea ranch --taste the freshest seafood cuisine at noon- ride in a fishing boat to catch fish and crabs, experience fishermen's life, and eat delicious catches --stay overnight at fishermen’s B & B, and enjoy the slow life of the remote island.


D3: Gouqi,Shengshan: get up early to watch the sunrise at seaside--enjoy the “Splendor of Sea and Hill”on the Gouqi Island—view the breathtaking Dongya Cliff—take a stroll around thefishing port and fish market, purchasing authentic seafood --return at noon.