Zhujiajian national scenic area, located in the southeast of Zhoushan Islands, Zhejiang, covers an area of 72 square kilometers, 1.35 nautical miles away from Mount Putuo, which is known as "Sacred Land of Buddhism on the Sea". Both Zhujiajian and Mount Putuo are rated as the state-level key scenic spots, which are closely connected with China's largest fishing port Shenjiamen. They are the important part of Zhoushan tourism core area——The “Putuo Golden Triangle”.

Zhu Jiajian is beautiful and charming with its golden sands, azure waves, steep rocks, crisscrossed reef, magic sea light, widespread forest, pounding waves and fresh air. It has formed four themes: sand sculpture culture, ecologically leisure culture, fishing folk culture and Buddhist culture. It has the largest sandy beaches in east of China, such as Qingsha Sandy Beach, Lisha Sandy Beach, Qiansha Sandy Beach, Nansha Sandy Beach, Dongsha Sandy Beach, and so on, stretching 5 km, with spectacular scenery and rich coastal tourism resources. Lovers Island, with its various wonders, pounding waves, birds and flowers, is a romantic return to nature; Baishan Mountain (white Mountain), with its fantastic shapes of rocks, looks like a stones park in the East China Sea. Wushitang Dam (a seawall of black stones), shines in their black and unique magic. Daqingshan (Grand Green Mountain) surrounded by the sea, often covered by winding clouds, known in ancient times as "black sands hanging around hill", is also a powerhouse to fight against Japanese pirates. Zhujiajian has held such activities as national beach volleyball game, sailing match, and Sino- South Korea rafting competition, and what not.

The most well-known scenic spots “Ten-Li Sands” in Zhujiajian, with its total length of 6.3 km and an area of 1.44 square kilometers, is an ideal place for water sports, which can accommodate thousands of tourists on the beach, providing you with excellent venues for boating, windsurfing, beach ball games. Zhujiajian’s flat and wide sandy beach, with its fine soft sand, is an ideal material for the production of sand sculpture. Since 1999, Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival are held every year in the place, into which numerous visitors flood.

Zhujiajian has become one of the most famous seaside resort in East China.

 (1) International Sand Sculpture Square (Ten-li Sands Resort)

In the southeastern coast of Zhujiajian lie the winding stretch of such five golden satin sandy beaches as Dongsha, Nansha, Qiansha, Lisha and Qingsha. Each sands has a headland to form a separate scene, one by one, consisting of a large chain groups with a length over 5000 meters, known as "Ten-li Sands."

Imagine that: fine sand as soft carpet, sloping beaches with vast domain, the white sails against blue sea; the cliff in rich green, they set sparkling sands off into advantage. If you roam here, you will be intoxicated by the charming scenery, especially in summer and autumn.

The “Ten-li Sands Resort is the most unique natural area and the most concentrated area with International Sand Sculpture Square as center between Dongsha and Qiansha. The sand of Nansha Sandy Beach feels fine, soft and comfortable. Take a handful of sand and then let it fall slowly will form a beautiful sand fall. Here is the ideal place to carry out various sports activities at sea beach. In recent years, we have developed some new "modern marine entertainments", such as skateboards, jet skis, boats, water sailing, surfing, kite flying and fishing. The daily reception capacity of the whole area on reception can reach ten thousand visitors.

(2) Daqingshan National Park (Grand Green Mountain) in Zhujiajian

Daqingshan National Park boasts the highest peak in Zhujiajian, with its 378.6 meters above the sea level, covers an area of 10 square kilometers. On the top of it, clouds billow like fairyland; watching the wind passing through the mountains seems to be like rippling; watching white cloud falls is just like a dragon entering a deep water cave. The vast ocean falls back in the arms of Daqingshan Mountain, with waves lapping the cliffs and reef, the sound is so loud that sounds like the poem "great wave beating the shore to roll up piles of snow". How heroic it is! Within the area, there lies a chain of Dongsha, Nansha, Qiansha, Lisha and Qingsha, constituting five sand magnificent landscapes. The Cliff Park taking Lizhunong Trench as the major landscape sets oddness, danger and height into an organic whole. At its foot, there is a road of 10 km to form different viewing belts where you appreciate the sands in Niutou, watch the sea in Ruocao, view reefs in Maotiao, see rocks in Peng’an. 


 (3) Baishan Mountain Guanyin Culture Park

  Located in the northern part of Zhujiajian, Baishan Mountain (White Mountain) is covered by grotesque rocks, either standing in a dangerous way or towering aloft in a strange way. Some are square and flat as if they were cut by an ax; some are towering unexpectedly random, ready to fall from the void; some are like the frogs ready to jump, and some are like the roosters to herald the break of day eagerly; some are like the sea lions to head the ball, and some are just like slim and graceful young girls; some resemble such animals as buffalos, squirrels, and monkeys. All in all, the rocks of Baishan Mountain are in different poses and with different expressions, which, no wonder, win tourists’ great praise. Here, white granite rocks, having undergone spherical weathering and vertical fractures, have formed different shaped rocks, stones and different cracks. The rocks here are of grey color, for which the mountain got the name. Verdant mountain forests couple with clouds, white rocks match with trees, emerald sea and azure sky hug together, then it earned reputation as "Wild Goose Mountain on the Sea" and "White Mountain with Unique Stones" .

At Guanyin Culture Park, you can worship the Goddess of Mercy while you are exploring rich natural landscape of Baishan Mountain. Peaks, cliffs, rocks, caves and cracks are elements for sightseeing. Some famous attractions include Lingjiu Peak, Tianfengtai, Luohan Peak, Fairy Peak, Qianzhang Rock, etc., which are all amazing and inexplicable scenery while you are moving upward. There is night performance in the cultural park named "Impression Putuo" directed by three famous directors: Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge, Fan Yue who create the "impression series" together. The theater is located in Baishan scenic area, where the world's largest 360 ° rotating auditorium is set up


(4) Wushitang Dam Fishing Folk Customs Park

Wushitang Dam (\a seawall of black cobblestones) Fishing Folk Customs Park is composed of such attractions as Wushi Litan Beach (black cobblestone beach), Zhangzhou Harbor, Reef Long Corridor, Snakehead Heavenly Cave, Fishermen’s Family Customs, Zhangzhouwan Sandy Beach Bay Beach and Cloud and Mist Tea Garden, of which Wushi Litan Beach (black cobblestone beach) stretches 500 meters long, 30 meters wide, with 5 meters of high black pebbles piled up. Whenever the ebb and flow of the tide comes, the waves pound the beach to play a mighty, and magnificent  symphony, known as “Wutang Chaoyin (Tiding Sound in Wushi Tam)”, is very special in southeast China. The park has now opened up sightseeing on the sea. You can play a role as a fisherman to do all fishing and other recreational activities to experience the fisherman’s life.


(5) Putuoshan Buddhism College of China Buddhism Academy

Putuoshan Buddhism College of China Buddhism Academy is a Chinese Buddhist institution of higher learning. The College, located in the north Zhujiajian, with Mount Putuo Pu across the sea, was built near the lake with Tang-style buildings, whose delicate layout and mighty grandeur have attracted many people to come to pay respect for Buddha, having meditation experience.

(6) Putuo International Yacht Club

Putuo International Yacht Club, covering an area of 2,000 square meters, is a high grade club with yachting-themed tourist resort. It possesses a yacht dock accommodating 108 yachts, and has 54 luxury apartments of sea view and runs 25,000 square meters of five-star sea-view hotel. The resort introduces a wealth of yacht travel packages, which can be regarded as a new form of tourism, new highlight, new business card in Zhoushan City!

(7) Wave Dancing: Baisha Sea Angling Paradise

Baisha Island, located in Zhoushan Tourism Golden Triangle and faced with Mount Putuo across the sea, famous for its mountains and stone, as well as the beautiful scenery, is an ideal place for fishing and leisure activities. It was one of the first fishing base named by Zhoushan Municipal Government. In the island, there are not only natural professional fishing zone in order to cater for the majority of tourists for leisure angling spots, but also big fishing boat dragnet imitating ancient style, fishing and other fishing fun activities which also attract a large number of tourists come to enjoy here.



Aviation: The Zhujiajian Island has a 4D class civil aviation airport, that is, Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport, which has opened air routes to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Shenzhen, Hefei, Lianyungang, and Dalian.

Highway: Self-driving tourists can go via ZhoushanCross-seaBridgeor Baifeng Ferry Dock to cross the sea, in the direction of Shenjiamen, drive through Donggang and theZhujiajianGuanyinBridgeand finally get to Zhujiajian. Backpackers by bus can get off at the Putuo Long-distance Bus Terminal and take the shuttle bus at the gate of the station to Zhujiajian.


[Accommodation]:Zhujiajian has more developed hospitality industry, offering complete facilities. There are many newly built resorts on the island, mostly near the roads of Nanshan Resort within the Nanshan Scenic Spot, the most prosperous area on the island. The luxury hotels with good locations are a bit expensive, particularly in the peak season. Backpackers can choose fishermen family hotels or rural home inns in Nanshan. Tourists who pursue the convenient transportation can also find hotels and inns along the streets or alleys of the town centre.   


 [Food]:Zhujiajian is seagirt and rich in seafood, well known for swimming crabs, and “Shunmu” yellow mud snails which are transparent, fragrant, tender and tasty especially after special processing with salt in Shunmutu. Zhujiajian seafood night stalls, and Nansha booths are good places to eat seafood. Besides seafood Zhujiajian also has other specialities such as sand watermelon and “Niujiaowan” brand citrus.


[Itineraries Recommended]:

In-Depth Experience Zhujiajie Two-Day Tour

 D1: enjoy Daqingshan island landscape, see sand sculpture and experience sports and leisure activities in the Nansha Scenic Spot -- visit the Buddhist Academy of China and taste vegetarian food at noon--seek for “love” stones at Whushitang (black cobblestone beach), take the archaized boat out to sea for sightseeing-- watch the island sunset clouds at Shaojiwan Fishing Village – see the performance of “Putuo Impression” at night—stay overnight at Zhujiajian fishermen’s B & B or resort hotels.


D2: get up early to climb the BashanMountainand see the sunrise—tour theGuanyinCultureGarden, feeling the Guanyin cultural ambience--go downhill to visit the swimming crab breeding base and catch crabs-- barbecue or savor whole crab feast at noon -- go to sea in a fishing boat to experience fishermen's pleasure in the afternoon -- return.