Dongji Islands


"There are theArcticand the Antarctic in the world. However, a bright pearl was inlaid in the East China Sea —— Dongji (East Pole)”, which is located in theZhongjieshanIslandsof Zhoushan. Due to its actual location, it belongs to the jurisdiction of the People's Republic ofChinain the eastern-most border islands. In the sense of politics, it belongs to the People's Liberation Army stationed in the eastern-most border islands together with its location in the East China Sea, it is known as Dongji (East Pole), also as theEast China Seaoutpost. Dongji, is actually not an island, it should be calledDongjiTownwith an area of11.7 square kilometers, composed of a total of 28 small islands and 108 reefs.

DongjiIslands, the most typical islands with sea fishing style and scenery, is a perfect summer resort.DongjiIslandsis not only of extremely strong and simple Fisherman's flavor, but also takes on the true sense of sunshine, blue sea, reefs and seafood. And with its pleasant weather, clear water, it is a pure land. Here, the weather is constantly changing all year. When it is quiet, it is better thanWestLakeinHangzhouand seems to be a wide expanse of flat land; but when in stormy days, it looks like Qian Tang Tide to crack shore.DongjiIslandsare known as "cloud islands". Every spring and summer, the top of the island is mist-shrouded while the coast is sunny and spectacular. The rocks ofDongfushanMountain, a marvelous creation excelling nature, to some extent, are grander thanTaishanMountain, steeper thanHuashanMountain, as fantastic asHuangshanMountain, but as strange as Pan Tuo.

 (1) Seeing China's EarliestSunrise

Watching the sunrise at sea inDongjiIslands, you will be grateful for your opportunity.DongjiIslands, located at the most easternChinaborder in thePacific Ocean, is unique to get the first light. According to the National Astronomical Observatory inGreenwich,England, the first dawn of the new century in MainlandChinais atDongfushanMountaininDongjiIslands, and the sunrise time is at 6:42 on January 1, 2000.

It only takes 10 minutes to see the sunrise from the ancient path of the quiet fishing village ofMiaozihuLake. Here you can see the outline of the mountains before you, sitting on the top to wait for the horizon turning into blue sky.


(2) "PotalaPalace" on the Sea

The "PotalaPalace" on the sea lies in Nan’ao of Qingbang Island, where the fishermen live and propagate. Their houses are constructed along the coast. The overlapping houses, if you take distant look on a ship, it presents a brilliant scene as thePotalaPalace, whose momentum is extremely spectacular, which is a great landscape that the visitors should not miss.


(3) Zhoushan Stone House Complex in China

The Stone House Complex lies inDongfushanMountain, which is a unique architecture at seaside built by fishermen to resist typhoons, and which has now become the most unique attraction. The stone houses not only help fishermen to get through a typhoon season, but also give visitors surprise and gasp in admiration.

 [Transportation]:There is one ferryboat from Banshengdong Station in Shenjiamen to Dongji every day, with additional ferryboats in the busy season.

[Accommodation]:There are more than 100 hotels in Dongji; most of them offer authentic seafood and fishing style service.

[Food]:All the seafood in Dongji is wild. It is not only fresh but also delicious. You’d better taste all kinds of fish and snails, especially the mud snails with onions and oil. Besides, the cuttlefish in Dongji is also very popular.

[Recommended Itinerary]:

Two Days’ Trip in Dongji:

D1: visit Dongfushan and enjoy the sea, the sky and the seagulls around the island -----enjoy the “Potala Palace” on the sea and the sleeping Buddha in Xifushan-----visit “Stone House Complex” and “The First Blessing under Heaven”-----visit the White Cloud Cave and the Trunk Peak----- taste authentic seafood and camp out at“The First Rays of Sunlight in the New Century”.

D2: get up early to watch the spectacular scenery of sunrise and meet the first rays of sunlight in Dongfushan ----- go to Miaozihu and visit Chen Caibo Memorial and the FishermenGallery-----look for the shooting spot of the movieThe Continentand visit the antique streets.