Taohua Island


Taohua Island Sea Angling Base, one of five fishing bases in Zhoushan City, located in Tawan Village, close to Tawan Golden Sands Bay. Angling base is divided into fishing zones and sightseeing areas. In the angling area a travelling footpath of 530 meters long and 1.2 meters wide is built on the coast, offering 50 fishing places, four open viewing platforms, and one landscape-viewing pavilion. Entertainment area is equipped with a small meeting room, bar, tea and other cultural and leisure facilities which can meet the needs of tourists.

[Transportation:]There are lots of ferryboats from Duntou Station in Shenjiamen to TaohuaIsland, with an interval of half an hour in the busy season and an hour in the off season. There is only one ferryboat from Banshengdong Station in Shenjiamen toTaohuaIslandat 8:00a.m. every day. There are also direct flights fromNingboand Zhujiajian toTaohuaIsland.

[Accommodation]:Hotels inTaohuaIslandare mainly distributed inGongqian Streetand Tawan Golden Sands Bay Scenic Region, at the price of 150-350 yuan per night.

[Food]:There are various kinds of seafood inTaohuaIsland, such as live seashells, agar, seaweed, shrimp, jellyfish, kelp, anchovy, mussel, etc.The cuisine in Zhoushan is also very unique. Steamed or boiled seafood tastes authentic and delicious.

 [Recommended Itinerary]:

Two Days’ Trip in Zhujiajian andTaohuaIsland:

D1: Zhujiajian: visit Daqingshan National Park and experience the island landscape-----visit the sand sculpture and DIY in Nansha, experience beach leisure sports-----look for love stones in Wushitang and take archaize boats for sightseeing-----visit China Buddhism Academy-----enjoy seafood at Shenjiamen Seafood Night Stalls-----experience the island nightlife at a bar in Shenjiamen-----lodge in Shenjiamen.

D2:TaohuaIsland: climbAnqiPeak, the highest peak in Zhoushan-----visitTawanGoldenSandsBay, play water, sand and fly kites----- visit the Tourism Town ofEagle Shooting Heroes, and experience movie photography----return.