4×4 Relay Race on China’s Longest All Terrain Track Started in Zhujiajian



 At 6:06, this morning, the 4×4 relay race on China’s longest all terrain track——Jeep “superlative cool race” started in Zhujiajian. 500 participators, divided into two groups, started off from Dongsha Sandy Beach, will finish the racing distance of 80 kms and 120 kms respectively within one day. This competition took the form of combining people with jeeps for the first time by using 70 jeeps. The competitors may appreciate such scenery as the waves, sands, reefs, fields and gardens, age-old groves and historic villages, and so on, along the way. The race will reveal the tourism image of “ocean with fashion and life at ease” in Zhujiajian in a multi-dimension and panorama way.